Saturday, 4 March 2017

Fountain Digital Marketing Support Assistant

"This side of the line is fine" vs. "Do not Cross".  
                                         Australia vs. UK Rail Network 2016

Positive delivery evokes positive compliance, command and control will likely elicit anarchic response. Even putting your toe over the line is satisfying to the anarchist.  The point being, images that surround us in our daily pursuits can affect resultant human behaviour.


My pastimes include drawing, painting and social media.  I read blogs by fellow creatives and enjoy learning both subject and use of Applications daily.  I have been on Instagram a matter of months and currently share experience and creativity worldwide. It's fantastic.

I found huge satisfaction supporting my family, young and old; making friendships and learning opportunities in various work roles (sans academic foundation) now I have space to choose my next direction.


Incidentally another rail sign read "Kiss n' Go" vs. "Drop off point" . Priceless!

Fran Haywood 4/3/2017

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sports Day

Waves roll like under fives in a hundred yard dash
Thundering over murky brown water
Sun on smiling faces, cheeks puffed out
Eyes bright with excitement and laughter

White school shirts, frolicking, buttons undone
Billow and flapping in the wind
Energy bursts from fragile lungs
Rolling high, dipping low, arms and legs entwined

Determined bodies, mingle no knowing
Where one starts nor where another ends
At the rear, one lumbers, way behind the rest
Struggling to build up speed and descend

Lunging forward, hoping to finish
Never mind the placing
Tripping over, laughter and shrieks
Foaming bubbles, airy white froth in the making

Whisked high, dispersing above
Finish line in sight.  The leader falls
Higher, faster, chuckles of delight
The chance to win improves for all

Crashing across the line, exhausted they scatter
Resting on the damp coarse sand below
Looking back, the heaving sea welcomes another class
The race begins again ever a constant flow